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Defense Contractors Detonate 100 Tons Of Kablooie--Dodge Ricochet

Tnt Songs | Defense Contractors Detonate 100 Tons Of Kablooie--Dodge Ricochet | Frontline Videos
Photo credit: OptimusMatrix

Pretty Satisfying One Might Say.

This is one of those jobs that's pretty rewarding. You make money while you protect your country and on occasions such as this one, you get to blow up some major explosives.

We're not sure what company this is per se, but we do know that they had some fun that day. At the beginning of the video, one of the members of the team walks in front of the camera and gives us a little intro.

Apparently, this video was taken back all the way in 2006 and we're sorry to say we haven't seen it until now. With over 2 million views, you'd figure we had.

We're assuming these guys had a blast shield to stand behind, as you'll hear the fast flying debris everywhere despite the distance.

As the guy mentions, "it's a small shot for (them) and they're winding down." We're not exactly sure whether this small shot is the amount of munitions they're exploding, but that'd be pretty neat. If 100 tons is small, than we can't imagine what they typically do. Anyway, the blast is pretty spectacular.

At the end of the video though, keep your ears tuned to the sounds of debris flying. Some of them make that high "pinging" noise that you'd figure could pierce a body. Pretty awesome, but dangerous as well.


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