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Guy Captures The Most Spine Chilling F-15 Whirring Sound Ever

Wales Songs | Guy Captures The Most Spine Chilling F-15 Whirring Sound Ever | Frontline Videos
Photo credit: bobsurgranny

That's Some Good Camera Work.

We'd really want to meet this guy. Ever since we started our blog a few years back, we've looked at thousands, and yes, thousands of videos online. We do subscribe to quite a few video channels on Youtube, but a user by the name of bobsurgranny is by far our favorite.

If you're reading this, we'd like to extend our thanks for all the work you do as it's clear that you have the same passion for aviation that we do. You however, seem to be pretty close to the Mach Loop in Wales, something that we definitely envy you for. 

For those of you, our readers, who don't know what the Mach Loop is, we'll give you a quick rundown. Located in Wales, this loop is a practice ground for the RAF and quite often joint exercises with the USAF as well. A series of mountain ranges create ravines that are the perfect place for close proximity exercises, and this guy manages to perfectly film them all. 

Take a look at the footage and judge by yourself. The flyby which starts 3 minutes into the video is the best one in our opinion. It's the closest and the sound the F-15 makes is just awesome.


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