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Navy Ship Hits A Massive 50 Ft. Wave Head On And Hard

Ship Songs | Navy Ship Hits A Massive 50 Ft. Wave Head On And Hard | Frontline Videos
Photo credit: GlobalLeaks News

Now That's A Hard Hit.

Most of the fans of our sites are big fans of aviation. We have been for decades, and it's videos like this one that might just explain why. Flying and skydiving might be a terror for some, but not for people like us. 

The same fear that some people have of what we just mentioned could be applied to us when seeing videos like this however. Filmed in the Pacific Ocean, a Protector class off-shore patrol vessel of the Royal New Zealand Navy was braving some rough seas.

As a commenter on Youtube nicely stated, "Once upon a time a wave like that struck fear into a man's soul, now just giggles from a woman, thank you technology."

This 280 foot, 1,900 ton vessel was taking on some major waves but dipped between two sets and couldn't make it over the second one. Hitting it dead on, it covered the entire ship including the bridge.

Now, for some people that'd be a terrifying experience. We would not enjoy that as we prefer the air, not the sea as we mentioned above. For sailors however, it's just another day at the office. You can clearly hear them in the background laughing as if they were on a roller-coaster ride. We'd probably need to change our pants. 


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