C-46 does a pass on remote Alaskan grass strip

C-46 does a pass on remote Alaskan grass strip | Frontline Videos

Reddit / u/Pack_of_Pounders


Look Out Below!

These guys at a remote Alaskan grass strip were lucky enough to see a Curtiss C-36 Commando fly by. According to the uploader, the aircraft had just taken off after offloading fuel at a mining camp. It then took a sharp bank and intentionally flew over them – it was the 4th of July, after all!

For those unfamiliar, the Commando is a WWII-era aircraft introduced in 1941. It was used for military transport; able to carry up to 40 troops or room for thirty stretchers. 

You’ll mostly hear its two Pratt & Whitney R-2800 radial engines when you come near one. Those things can pack quite a punch as they can produce 2,000 hp each, enabling the Commando to reach a maximum speed of 270 mph at 15,000 ft.


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