Pilot Aborts Landing Too Late

Pilot Aborts Landing Too Late | Frontline Videos

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Barely Any Delay

Go-arounds aren’t that rare, especially in stormy and unpredictable conditions like this one. 

This Emirates Boeing 777-300ER landed relatively hard at Newcastle Airport during a heavy storm. The wind had been gusting at around 25 to 31 knots that morning. 

Its landing approach wasn’t out of the ordinary as it battled the challenging crosswinds. However, it slammed down onto Runway 25 with the spoilers deployed, forcing the flight crew to abort the landing for a go-around. 

Thankfully, the second landing was a huge improvement from the first.

The 777 was inspected after landing as they feared its rear landing gear had been damaged. Much to their surprise, it was deemed safe to fly, and took off from Newcastle to Dubai with just a 45-minute delay.

They got lucky with how fast that delay was!


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