Plane Nearly Hits People

Plane Nearly Hits People | Frontline Videos

YouTube / lucaas


What Could Ever Go Wrong?

You’ve heard of fighters performing low passes, but we bet you seldom see an airliner do the same. 

This first-person POV shows how close a Wizz Air Airbus A321Neo was to the crowd below. It happened in Skiathos, Greece, with many tourists and locals present and waiting for the airliner to land to snag a picture of it.

Unbeknownst to them, this A321 made a very low and fast landing with its landing gears deployed. In fact, the uploader claims that the gears were so low you could jump up and touch them if you tried. Though that’s debatable as the intense force of air that the engines produced had blown off hats and various clothing items when it passed over the crowd.

Nevertheless, everyone was safe and got a cool experience out of it at least.


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