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There's A Place That'll Let You Drive A Tank And Crush Cars

This m Songs | There's A Place That'll Let You Drive A Tank And Crush Cars | Frontline Videos
Photo credit: driveatank

Now That's A Theme Park I Can Get Behind.

Theme parks are for kids, right? 

No, they're not. You should loosen up a little bit. Even if you're not all that into the whole falling through the sky thing strapped to some engineer's device he dreamt up, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy other things. 

This park in Minnesota might be just the thing you need.

If you want to check out their official site and see exactly what they have to offer, just click here.

The park is simply called "Drive A Tank." No more, no less. This is the perfect name because it's exactly what it allows you to do.

Located in 550 W Cherry St., Kasota, MN, these people made some bWe won't go through all of them here but feel free to go to the link above for all the details. They're not expensive and allow you to drive a tank of your choice and crush a car of two if you want to.

Also, they have a full armory so if guns are your thing, you can certainly shoot some targets on the range. 


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