That Time A MiG-21 Rammed An F-4

That Time A MiG-21 Rammed An F-4 | Frontline Videos

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Not The Best Idea

During the 60s and 70s, the CIA and the Imperial Iranian Air Force were involved in a joint project called Project Dark Gene.

This project was an aerial reconnaissance program that involved regular incursions into Soviet territory, with the aim of identifying and testing Soviet air defenses.

Wikimedia CC / US Gov

In one of its missions in 1973, an RF-4C piloted by an Iranian pilot with a USAF Colonel in the backseat was intercepted by a MiG-21.

They beelined straight to the Iranian border, unleashing a flurry of flares to avoid a missile lock. Still, the MiG-21 was able to fire two missiles which both missed. Some sources have also said that its cannon proceeded to jam.

With no more armament left, the MiG decided to ram the Iranian aircraft, hitting it around the tail assembly. The Iranian pilot and US Colonel both were forced to eject and found themselves stranded in the Soviet Union.

Wikimedia CC / AlfvanBeem

They were captured and released after 16 days. However, the Soviet pilot died during the ramming and was awarded the title “Hero of the Soviet Union” for his actions.


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