3 Things We Learned About Actor Rob Riggle’s Time in the Marine Corps

3 Things We Learned About Actor Rob Riggle’s Time in the Marine Corps | Frontline Videos

YouTube / American Veterans Center


A well-respected actor, comedian, and Marine veteran, Rob Riggle has it all. The decorated actor sat down with the American Veterans Center to talk about his time in the Marine Corps. Here are five things we learned from his interview:

1. The Marine Corps taught him to never quit

Growing up, Riggle knew he wanted to become a Marine and a Comedian. He knew how farfetched that was – a Marine that wants to enter Arts wasn’t the norm in the 80s and 90s. Regardless, having lived both lives successfully, Riggle is adamant that the “thick skin” and “Never Say Die/Never Quit” attitude he got from his time in the Marines helped him in pursuing his dreams.

“ I realized, recently, [that] it was the Marine Corps that gave me the confidence to bet on myself” 

2. He dedicated 23 years to the Marines

This includes a total of nine years of active duty in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Liberia, and Albania. Riggle officially retired in January 2013 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Even as a young man, Riggle had always wanted to serve in some capacity, stating that it was his American duty to do so.

3. He left flight school to be a comedian

The actor was about to get his wings when he made one of the most difficult decisions of his life: quitting flight school to have a chance to pursue comedy. If he had continued flying, he believed that he wouldn’t be able to kickstart his career as a comedian. He immediately left flight school and opted to become a public affairs officer instead, completing his ground contract before he began pursuing his dream.


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