A Shield that Can Make Fighter Jets Invincible?

A Shield that Can Make Fighter Jets Invincible? | Frontline Videos

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Warbirds today use specialized stealth technology to infiltrate the most fortified enemy positions without the risk of being detected. But as impressive as they are, anti-aircraft defense systems have also taken giant leaps forward to stop modern warbirds from completely dominating the skies.

The Sky Shield

The Sky Shield is one of the most promising solutions that have made waves in the military world. Developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the Sky Shield aims to become a modular solution that can be fitted into any modern aircraft. In turn, the futuristic system bestows the plane with unique capabilities allowing warbirds to defend themselves from any possible attacks.

Defensive Toolbox

This technology is presented as a series of pods easily attached to various modern aircraft depending on mission parameters. Each pod counters a specific enemy weapon, from short-range anti-air defense systems to long-range weaponry.

Lite Shield

One example of the pods is called “Lite Shield,” an advanced electronic warfare unit made to interfere with signals from an inbound guided missile. It disrupts the projectile’s trajectory and forces the missiles to either fall or detonate far away from the protected aircraft. The plane can then deploy its smart missile that seeks the target that launched the projectile.

X-Guard Module

A great example of its surface-to-air defense is the X-Guard module, which deploys a towed decoy transmitter connected to the aircraft via fiber optic cable. The decoy then mimics the signal footprint of the plane to fool the incoming missiles and enemy radar stations on the ground into assuming the planes are flying several yards behind their actual position.

Reaching Its True Potential

Though the system is impressive on its own, it truly shines when different pods are used together to create the ultimate defensive system against almost any kind of surface-to-air attack. In addition, its open architecture allows continuous upgrades to cope with future threats and integration of subsystems in the future.


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