7 Tweets From San Francisco About The Blue Angels That’ll Infuriate You

7 Tweets From San Francisco About The Blue Angels That’ll Infuriate You | Frontline Videos



It’s Those People Who Ruin It For Everyone Else.

We’ll try not to delve into politics here and what not. We’ll just talk about people in general. We’re sure most of you will want to group these folks into some preset social group, but if you look at it at face value, people just suck.

Don’t care what anyone says, the Blue Angels are one of the best, if not THE best, aerobatic teams in the world. As such, they attract over 11 million viewers and those people absolutely love these guys.

While perusing the internet however, we found out that many people in San Francisco might not have the same opinion. During last year’s show, many were taking to Tweeter to show their dismay as the Blues were performing their show.

Here are some of them. Try not to throw your phone against the wall.

7. This grumpy youngster, but at least she’s humorous

6. A person who needs her safe space

5. This guy who doesn’t know who protects him

4. We’re animal lovers, but scrapping the Blue Angels because of a dog?

3. This guy who’s worried about the lives of pilots, yet, seems to hate the military.

2. Let it be known, presentations are WAAAY more important than our Navy.

1.No comment. Let’s chip in and buy her a ticket to another country though.

Ok who the fuck pays for the blue angels? It better not be my taxes. Where do I get reimbursed?

— Bella Podolsky (@bellztweets)


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