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Beautiful Blue Angel Flyby On The Beach-Absolutely Epic

Flyby Songs | Beautiful Blue Angel Flyby On The Beach-Absolutely Epic | Frontline Videos
Photo credit: AviationFreak#1

How Sweet Is That?

There are flybys and then there are Blue Angel flybys. Add to that their home base and you have yourself one of the most awesome and beautiful flybys ever.

Pensacola, Florida is has a very beautiful beach. It's a narrow strip filled with beautiful white, soft sand and turquoise water.  This place is gorgeous to say the least by the way and if you ever get a chance to take a vacation somewhere, we definitely recommend it. 

We'll actually do you one better. We just looked at their 2017 schedule and here are the dates they'll be there:

  • July 8th, 2017
  • November 11-12

Those are the days you want to go there. These guys will be there doing their thing and you should be there watching them from those beautiful sands we described above. Cold beer in hand (or whatever your drink of choice is) and then you can jump in that beautiful water that's about 80° while the #6 Blue Angel buzzes you like in the video.

Did we paint a good enough picture for you? Now go watch that video and book your next vacation!


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