Here’s The ‘Leaked’ Video Of China Trying To Make An F-35-Not Impressive

Here’s The ‘Leaked’ Video Of China Trying To Make An F-35-Not Impressive | Frontline Videos



What Did You Expect?

This was one of the first videos to surface which proved the existence of this plane. There’s been talk for years that China stole the plans for U.S.’s F-35, but reports varied. We’re not here to discuss the news, or the lack thereof, but to take a look at this supposed 5th Generation fighter plane.

Although it already made a public appearance in October of 2016 at a Chinese air show, this was the first time people on the internet actually saw it. To say that it looks underwhelming would be an understatement.  

First off, it’s about 20 feet longer and 10 feet wider than the F-35. Mind you, of course, this is supposed to be a fifth-generation stealth fighter comparable to the F-35. Not that size makes a difference, but it looks really clunky.  

The second thing to notice is the canards. There’s a ton of research out there that they increase radar visibility, so you wouldn’t expect to have them on a stealth fighter. Also, there’s speculation that they were added because of an inherent instability of that airframe.

Lastly, the engines. Although newer pictures show that the fuselage covers them more than in this picture, there’s nothing stealthy about them. The bumps increase their radar signature and from the looks of it, the heat signature would be great.

So yeah. Here’s China’s new stealth fighter…


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