Largest RC B-2 ‘Spirit’ Takes To Skies

Largest RC B-2 ‘Spirit’ Takes To Skies | Frontline Videos



Some People Just Need To Build.

RC flying is the closest we’ll ever get to be in our favorite planes. Sure, you can book a flight on a B-17 Flying Fortress, but a B-2? Not gonna happen. It’s just life.

What we have here is a super cool B-2 Spirit that flies like a dream. Although a kit (we only say that because we’ve seen some custom builds that are out of this world), this aircraft is still a marvel. We’re not even sure how it flies, as we know that the actual Spirit is fly by wire and if it wasn’t for that, it’d fall out of the sky like a rock. Having said that, whoever engineered this thing made it fly quite well.

As for the setting, this video was taken at the Jetpower Fair in Bad Neuenahr Ahrweiler Germany at the end of 2016. An annual meet, people tend to bring their best models and “A” game when it comes to flying and this was no exception.

Here, a man by the name of Andreas Gietz will show you his skills flying this historically unstable aircraft. From the landing, we figure that he knows his stuff.


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