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Between The Sound And Editing, This Is The Best Rc Huey Display Over

Uh-1 Songs | Between The Sound And Editing, This Is The Best Rc Huey Display Over | Frontline Videos
Photo credit: Gerv1

That's Some Fine Scale Flying.

When someone says that these are just "toys," we typically turn red and want to smack some sense into them. It's not that we're promoting violence here, but these people have probably never flown an Rc plane or helicopter before, therefore don't know what they're talking about and should shut up.

Now that this rant is over (our apologies), let us tell you what we have here. 

While perusing the internet as we typically do, we came across a Huey video on Youtube. The picture and description seemed entertaining enough, so we decided to click on it. We're sure glad we did.

It was actually an Rc model, which is kind of hard to believe. Although the mini engine sounds more like a fan, when the music overpowers it and you just look at it fly, you could easily be mislead into thinking it was a real chopper for quite some time. 

Also, the video editing is pretty spectacular as well. All the different shots from behind hills and different focal points really adds to this video, and with the song, makes it really fun to watch. 

Hope you guys agree. Check it out.


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