C-130 Hercules Performs A Low Flyby

C-130 Hercules Performs A Low Flyby | Frontline Videos

YouTube / Daily Dose of Aviation


Just A Normal Flyby

Military fighter planes performing very low flybys are always a great treat for observers. After all, who wouldn’t want to see these planes up close?!

We’ve often seen fighters and commercial planes do this – but rarely do we see an airliner OR a military transport aircraft do these kinds of stunts. 

Nevertheless, this C-130 Hercules did just that. The 98-ft-long and 133-ft-wide aircraft could be seen flying over a bunch of people on the ground, a scene some would deem quite dangerous.

For us, the whole thing looked so cool. Not sure if the group could say the same thing after that wild encounter. One of them even had to scramble away from the Hercules’ path! 

Would you have reacted the same?


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