Comparing the Rafale and Typhoon In 2023

Comparing the Rafale and Typhoon In 2023 | Frontline Videos

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The Eurofighter Typhoon was a collaborative effort between European nations that aimed to replace the Tornado and F-4 Phantom. It first flew in 1994 and featured a more conventional wing configuration, focusing on high-speed performance and superior altitude capabilities. The twin-engine, multirole fighter entered service with the RAF in 2003 and has been exported to several other countries. 

Meanwhile, the Dassault Rafale, which has a canard delta-wing configuration, offered excellent agility and maneuverability. It combines a low radar signature with a high degree of aerodynamic efficiency, enhancing its stealth capabilities. Rafales first flew in 1986 and served in the French Air Force starting in 2001.

Unit Cost

Of the 201 Rafales produced, each standard Rafale F3R unit cost $120 million – though that can vary a lot depending on the variant, configuration, and quantity of the whole purchase.

In comparison, of the 570 Typhoons produced recently, each unit amounted to $90 million.


Even though both of these warbirds can carry almost the exact same amount of payload, they do differ in what they can bring to a fight. They can both carry air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, but the Rafale is equipped with a 30mm cannon while the Typhoon is fitted with a 27mm Mauser cannon.


The Typhoon has an advanced avionics suite that is integrated with navigation, weapons, and defensive aid subsystems. Its EURORADAR Captor-E Radar is used for high situational awareness and multi-target detection/engagement, which is supplemented by its Infrared Search and Track System. All of these features are integrated with fly-by-wire control which provide pilots with quick decision-making capabilities.

The Rafale has a similar avionics suite to the Typhoon but uses an RBE2 AESA RADAR instead of the EURORADAR. It also uses the SPECTRA EW System for jamming enemy radar and communication signals.


Powered by the Eurojet EJ200s, the Eurofighter Typhoon has a maximum speed of over Mach 2 and can reach altitudes of over 60,000 ft. The Dassault Rafale, which is powered by SNECMA M88 engines, only has a maximum speed of Mach 1.8 at 42,000 ft. 

But even though the Typhoon has a higher top speed, the Rafale still offers better maneuverability. And while the Rafale is better fitted for close-range dogfights, the Typhoon is more appropriate for long-range missions and air-to-air combat.


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