Details Revealed Regarding F-35C Crash on USS Carl Vinson

Details Revealed Regarding F-35C Crash on USS Carl Vinson | Frontline Videos

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Happens To The Best Of ‘Em

Investigations regarding the F-35C crash on January 24, 2022, were finally released and completed last February 2023.

The F-35C crashed onto the flight deck of the Nimitz-class carrier USS Carl Vinson while operating in the South China Sea. Six people were injured as a result, including the pilot and five other sailors working on the flight deck that day.

According to the report, the cause of the mishap was pilot error. The pilot performed an “expedited recovery breaking overhead the carrier” (aka a Sierra Hotel Break) for the first time and failed to realize that he was still in manual mode when he should have been in an automated command mode.

As a result, the Lightning II approached the carrier underpowered, struck its nose onto the deck, and discharged debris that injured sailors and gear on deck.

USS Carl Vinson’s flight deck accrued around $120,000 in damages, while a nearby EA-18G Growler stuck by debris added another $2.5 million.


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