Jet Fuel Catches Fire

Jet Fuel Catches Fire | Frontline Videos

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Dump and Burn!

Since when was the last time you saw an F-111 Aardvark at an airshow? This short clip from the Williamtown Airshow 2010 shows just how incredible this aircraft is.

One cool thing about the Aardvark is that it can do a “Dump-and-Burn” maneuver. In this maneuver, the pilot intentionally dumps fuel and ignites it using the plane’s afterburner. 

Aardvarks are notorious for this maneuver since it produces flames so powerful it can set a runway on fire! They’re also perfect for this as its fuel dump nozzle is located between the engine exhausts.

Australia has been using this maneuver for years. It was used during the 2000 Summer Olympics and regularly until 2010 at the Australian Grand Prix and Brisbane’s Riverfire celebration. 

What you see in the video is the last-ever Dump and Burn display in the world. Australia was already retiring its F-111 Aardvarks in favor of the F-18 Super Hornets.

Now that’s an incredible send-off.


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