How F-111 Aardvark Pilots Were Expected To Drop Nukes

How F-111 Aardvark Pilots Were Expected To Drop Nukes | Frontline Videos

YouTube / Jack Schneider


In 3….2…..1….

Have you ever wondered how F-111 Aardvark pilots would drop their nukes? 

First and foremost – they enter the nuclear codes. Then, they (the pilot and WSO) enable the Nuclear Consent switch.

After that point, there’s going to be a very bright light that can instantly blind them. Luckily, the Aardvark has its own nuclear-shielding curtains that go over the crew stations to reflect the flash. 

Afterward, the pilots are expected to fly the plane just by looking at their flight instruments. The next thing they’ll do is toggle the afterburners, sweep the wings back, and zoom out.

Kidding aside, this F-111 cockpit was originally ejected in 1993 and is now signed by hundreds of aviation and space legends. They also have the rocket motor used to eject the WHOLE cockpit – which is probably why its motor is far larger than the normal ones.


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