Jetblue Nose Gear Failure in The Bahamas

Jetblue Nose Gear Failure in The Bahamas | Frontline Videos

YouTube / cameronmd80


What A Landing!

On March 25, 2016, this Jetblue Embraer took off with 95 passengers onboard from Washington to Nassau. 

During its final approach, the flight crew failed to receive a nose gear down and locked indication, prompting them to fly back up to troubleshoot the issue. Moments later, it was decided that the crew would prepare for a nose gear-up landing on runway 14.

Surprisingly, the flight crew pulled it off extremely well by keeping the nose up as long as possible, then lowering the nose onto the runway as it stopped. All of the passengers were able to disembark on the runway and were hurriedly bussed to the terminal.

An investigation revealed the probable cause to be a system component failure within the nose landing gear operating system.

With that said, you can’t hope for a better landing than this. The pilots did a tremendous job, all things considered.


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