MLB Pitcher Calls Out United Airlines, Drama Unfolds

MLB Pitcher Calls Out United Airlines, Drama Unfolds | Frontline Videos

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In a recent tweet by MLB pitcher Anthony Bass of the Toronto Blue Jays, he calls out United airlines for seemingly making his pregnant wife and get on her hands and knees to pick up the mess their daughter made. As you can see in the picture with the 2 kids, there is popcorn all over the place.

But the tweet doesn’t just get by so easily as some users say it shouldn’t be the airline’s responsibility to clean up after your child.

Into which the pitcher answers this person’s question with:

But wait a second, you know, United provided the popcorn! So is it okay for your kids to just make a mess?

But don’t worry everyone. United is taking care of this oh so serious situation. LOL. Here Bass comforts and informs everyone that it’s all being taken care of.

Oh and just one more thing to the popcorn that made this all possible. Here’s a nice little shout out. Cute kid!


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