Passenger Gets Angry At Flight Attendant

Passenger Gets Angry At Flight Attendant | Frontline Videos

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A United Airlines flight headed to Denver had some drama on the plane between a passenger and staff. The video was taken by a passenger and his phone and the Instagram page @ppv_tahoe picked up the footage and re-shared it.

Apparently according to the caption, the gentlemen got upset when the flight attendants told him not to use their space. So it’s not completely clear what the whole picture is, but we do know that flying can be stressful for people and we’ve seen quite a few instances where tensions are high and sometimes people get agitated and lose it.

He goes on to say:

It’s ok I own 3 laboratories, what does your son do for a living? Tell me, because I’m successful. All I did was ask you for an explanation. That’s all. That’s all. You didn’t have to be like that.

Take a look at the video and see for yourself.


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