Plane Flies Too Close To Another Plane

Plane Flies Too Close To Another Plane | Frontline Videos

YouTube / lucaas


Just As Planned!

Regular-sized jet planes flying close to each other is great and all, but seeing two airliners do it is quite a sight.

This video taken at the Slovak international Air Fest in 2021 shows an Airbus A319 and a Fokker 100 doing an amazing low pass. Both aircraft performed well – the A319 flew at a lower altitude than the 100 and broke off to the right on two instances. The crowd below was shocked at what they were seeing. It’s not every day you see those two huge planes flying that close together!

A total of 22 countries were invited to the Slovakian air show in 2021, with Belgium, Denmark, Germany, USA, and Italy accepting the invitation. Aside from these two airliners, the crowd was also blessed with the performance of the Italian acrobatic group Frecce Tricolori.


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