Rare Behind-The-Scene Look of “Full Metal Jacket”

Rare Behind-The-Scene Look of “Full Metal Jacket” | Frontline Videos

Youtube / giodashorts


A Glance at Kubrick’s Directing Style

Was he a genius? Or was he insane? From these short clips alone, it’s quite hard to judge his personality or how much of a genius he was.

However, what should be noted is his attention to detail. As these clips would show you, he’s very hands-on in directing, from scripts to set design, he’d watch them like a hawk. Heck, he even corrects the extras’ choreography! 

Matter of fact, it’s his ability to point out these mistakes in filming that made him the highly-decorated director that he is today. Making classics like “Full Metal Jacket” comes at a huge price. You have to put in the work and hours to create such a great film. 

We can only hope that those “lost” footage can be released sometime soon. 


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