Rare View of Polish F-16 and MiG-29 During Photoshoot

Rare View of Polish F-16 and MiG-29 During Photoshoot | Frontline Videos

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Machines Photographed In The Air

What better way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Polish military aviation than by taking photos of their magnificent F-16 and MiG-29?

The Polish Air Force approved over 30 air-to-air photograph sessions in 2017 to produce an album promoting Polish aviation. During these sessions, each photographer was harnessed onboard a CASA 295M and was looked after by crewmembers. Each session lasted about an hour and was organized during the fighters’ training flights.

Seeing these fighters from a different perspective shows just how amazing they really are. 

Aside from the shot in the video, they also photographed the F-16 over Hel, the Su-22 on the coast near Kołobrzeg, and the MiG-29 over the castle in Malbork. The album consisted of about 150 photos, including drawings of side and top views of all presented aircraft and portraits of aviators, technicians, rescuers, and onboard gunners.

Now that’s how you celebrate your 100th anniversary!


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