The Most Realistic Dogfight Footage Ever Recorded

The Most Realistic Dogfight Footage Ever Recorded | Frontline Videos

YouTube / Hasard Lee


That Was Phenomenal!

Prepare to watch the most realistic dogfight footage ever recorded. 

Operational Test Pilot “Flip” of the 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron walks us through the ins and outs of dogfighting as he answers a few questions to the camera. 

When asked when the fatigue sets in during dogfights, his answer was “Immediately.” Pilots breathe more heavily and are already flustered when they’re on the defensive. If they’re in an offensive posture, all they really need to do is look forward. Add in the fact that any aircraft can go from offensive to defensive in a heartbeat, and you’d get fatigued very easily.

Funnily enough, Flip has never seen Top Gun or Iron Eagle, which he says he’s fully aware that he’s a ‘complete disappointment’ to the Aviation Community.

“I’ll roast myself on the Internet for that one!”

The fact that the pilot can both talk to the camera while also nonchalantly checking his controls and readouts AND talk with ATC at the same time is very impressive. It’s worth every minute of watch time. Don’t forget to watch the whole video below!


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