Reason Every Navy Fears South Korea Destroyer

Reason Every Navy Fears South Korea Destroyer | Frontline Videos

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Garnering Respect

It’s quite simple, really. South Korea has the Sejong The Great-class destroyer, a guided-missile destroyer designed to accommodate multiple roles.

It is equipped with a variety of weapons systems and sensors, including surface-to-air missiles and anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, and a 127 mm naval gun.

If that’s not enough, the destroyer is also fitted with an AEGIS combat system, making it one of the most powerful warships in the world today.

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Most importantly, this destroyer has the most numerous VLS of any warship in the world with a total of 128 VLS cells. This is more than the Arleigh Burke of the US Navy, the Atago-class of the Japanese, and even the Type 055 of China.

The Sejong is also pattered closely from the Arleigh Burke-class destroyers but was made to become a forward naval command vessel in absence of a carrier. This is also why the ship has a larger size and wider breadth.

However, the destroyer also has some unique features that separate it from other vessels. For example, it is equipped with a towed array sonar system, which is a passive sonar able to detect submarines from longer rangers. This, in turn, makes the Sejong The Great destroyer a viable anti-submarine warfare platform if needed.


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