Two V-22 Osprey landing Lakenheath

Two V-22 Osprey landing Lakenheath | Frontline Videos

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Ospreys Up Close

How lucky are they to watch two Ospreys landing simultaneously at RAF Lakenheath?! A lot of people would pay good money to see them this close in person! 

These two Ospreys belong to the US Marine Corps Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 263 or VMM-263. As you’d expect, the squadron mostly operates the MV-22B – the Osprey’s USMC variant. Their squadron became the first operational MV-22 unit after they transitioned from the CH-46 Sea Knight to the MV-22 in 2006.

Upgrading to the MV-22 is a no-brainer. The famous transport aircraft houses a flight crew of three to four and up to 32 troops inside its long and spacious cabin.

Have you seen an Osprey in action? We recently saw one shift its rotors mid-flight. You can check that out by clicking this link.


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