USAF A-10 Pilot Lands On Highway with GoPro Footage

USAF A-10 Pilot Lands On Highway with GoPro Footage | Frontline Videos

YouTube / Maximus Aviation


Cool, Calm, and Collected

We’ve seen an A-10 land from the crowd’s perspective. This time, however, we get to see a Warthog pilot land the aircraft on a freeway through his GoPro.

The A-10 is capable of doing highway landings, which is part of its ability to be deployed rapidly from anywhere at any time. This demonstration was also part of Exercise Northern Strike, an annual training exercise done in Michigan last year.

After the pre-flight checks, the pilot took off and got ready to line up with the freeway. You can see the pilot land at 4:20, stopping a minute later just after an intersection.

He wasn’t finished, though. The A-10 pilot turned back and after 30 seconds, took off again the other way.

What a way to demonstrate the capabilities of the A-10’s survivability and adaptability!


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