Will The new Marine One Change Aviation?

Will The new Marine One Change Aviation? | Frontline Videos

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The Sikorsky VH-92 Patriot is America’s next replacement helicopter for the US Marine Corps Marine One Presidential transport fleet with each unit costing upwards of $200 million. So how good is it?

S-92 Variant

The VH-92 is a heavily modified military version of the S-92 and is set to become one of the most advanced and powerful presidential helicopters to date.

Before the VH-92, the two primary presidential helicopters used by Marine One were the Sikorsky Sea King (11 units) and the VH-60 White Hawk (8 units).

VXX Program

The US Department of Defense issued the VXX Program to find a replacement for the Sea King and White Hawk. Sikorsky entered the VH-92 variant, won the contract in 2014, and was awarded a $1.4 billion contract to build the aircraft. So far, the program is set to provide 23 new helicopters to replace their aging fleet.

This, in turn, ushers in a new era of Marine One aviation as the VH-92 becomes the first new Marine One in more than 40 years.

Standing Out From The Rest

The VH-92 is expected to enter service with an advanced mission communication system and executive interior. A huge selection of new features and enhanced safety features, such as ballistic armor, anti-missile countermeasures, and electromagnetic pulse protection are already planned to be included in the final production version.

Moreover, its new General Electric CT7-8A turboshaft engines will allow the VH-92 to reach a top speed of 190 mph.

Currently, the VH-92 is able to accommodate 19 passengers inside its spacious cabin.


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