Why Brazil Sank Its Own Carrier

Why Brazil Sank Its Own Carrier | Frontline Videos

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A Disastrous Decision

Purposefully sinking a carrier is basically like burning millions of dollars, right? Nobody in their right mind would do it unless there’s a good reason why. So why did Brazil scuttle the Clemenceau-class São Paulo?

Because it’s full of toxic and dangerous material, including tons of asbestos present in the ship’s paneling. 

No other country would allow São Paulo to dock in their ports – not even Brazil! 

Alas, the six-decade-old carrier was scuttled on February 3 this year, 220 miles off the Brazilian coast in the Atlantic Ocean. The only problem with the scuttling is the fact that it was done while São Paulo was still packed with toxic materials. 

Now, they’re down one carrier and might have just polluted their marine food chain. This was definitely not the best send-off for the São Paulo.


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