Why It Sucks Inside The M1 Abrams

Why It Sucks Inside The M1 Abrams | Frontline Videos

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Cramped, Dangerous, and Stressful

There’s no doubt that the M1 Abrams is one of the most advanced and powerful tanks in the world. However, unlike movies and video games, being inside the tank is very different.

Abrams tanks are massive metal beasts designed to incorporate advanced technologies – and were not built for comfort. In fact, three of its four crew members are crammed into an extremely tight space.

They’re not in there for minutes at a time either. During military operations, it is normal for a tank’s crew to spend hundreds of hours inside the tank’s dark interior. 

According to a former Armor Officer of the US Army, it is entirely possible to sleep in the gunner’s and loader’s positions of the M1 and M60 series tanks even while they’re moving. However, this would depend on how much extra ammo the tank is carrying.

During WWII, Britain decided to install special tea kettles inside their tanks to help alleviate some of the crew’s hardship. This small change boosted morale and increased the survivability of the crews.

Which beverage should US tank crews have inside their tanks in the future?


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