10 Facts About The New $13 Billion Aircraft Carrier

10 Facts About The New $13 Billion Aircraft Carrier | Frontline Videos

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  1. Production Took 8 Years

Usually, aircraft carriers only take 5 years to build. The USS Ford took 8 years, from 2009 to 2017.

  1. New Toilets

Women make up about 20% of the Navy, meaning urinals can’t be the go-to anymore. Now, urinals are removed and replaced with more seated toilets.

  1. Quality of Life Improvements

The ship has better sleeping quarters, new AC systems, shops, cafeterias, and even Starbucks! 

  1. It Is Very Large

USS Ford’s total length is  333m with a flight deck width of 78m. This massive carrier displaces around 100,000 long tons!

  1. Costs Less To Operate

Compared to the Nimitz-class, USS Ford saves more than $4 Billion in its 50-year service life.

  1. All Utilities Are Electric

Steam service lines are not used, reducing maintenance requirements and improving corrosion control.

  1. Carries 90 Aircraft

Official statements say it could carry more than 75 aircraft but some sources said it’s up to 90.

  1. Unique Propellers

It uses 4 propellers made of bronze, each weighing 30 tons and 21 ft in diameter.

  1. Powered By Nuclear Reactors

It has two Bechtel A1B nuclear reactors to generate the heat needed to power everything on the ship.

  1. Pretty Fast For Its Size

The ship’s top speed is 35 mph. It is slower than the USS Enterprise but it is way bigger and has higher displacement.


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