180mph onboard jet-engined racing car

180mph onboard jet-engined racing car | Frontline Videos

YouTube / Goodwood Road & Racing


A Great Pairing

If you combined a gas turbine engine and a sportscar, it’s only a matter of time before you win a race. The Howmet TX achieved just that – being the first and only turbine-powered sportscar to win, getting two SSCA race victories.

It even set land speed records in 1970 in both the 500-1000kg class and the 1000kg+ class. Without its ballast, the Howmet TX reached a top speed of 103.37mph in a 1km standing start. While with the ballast on, it got to the first kilometer in 23.92 seconds while reaching 93.52mph.

The newer TX you see in the video doesn’t have the same rear-facing exhausts the past TX had. Instead, it has top exit exhausts without a wastegate system.

Take a quick look at how powerful and loud this Howmet TX can get on a race course in the video below.


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