7 B-52s Flying Over Long Island

7 B-52s Flying Over Long Island | Frontline Videos

Reddit / u/tankguy67


Huge Migratory Birds

A guy from Long Island was staring out his window trying to record a passing Kalitta 747. He wasn’t expecting what would happen next.

The airliner suddenly disappeared from the dark gray clouds, prompting him to look farther right. As he turned his camera west, he caught seven US Air Force B-52s flying eastward into the Atlantic towards Europe.

According to some reports, at least three of these humongous birds will be participating in a joint military exercise with the Israeli military. 

Exercise Juniper Oak 23.2 demonstrated the strategic bomber’s global reach by flying nonstop from the US to Israel, and back.

The exercise concluded on January 28, 2023, and involved more than 140 aircraft from US Central Command and Israel Defense Forces doing live-fire exercises.


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