McLaren Tries To Race An F-35

McLaren Tries To Race An F-35 | Frontline Videos

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Are we really surprised?

Who would win in a race? The most sophisticated fighter jet the world has ever seen? Or a $2 million supercar with a 1,036-horsepower engine and a top speed of 250 mph?

The McLaren Speedtail was able to pull ahead of the F-35 at first, but that didn’t go on much longer. In the end, the F-35 easily pulled away in a victory that surprised nobody.

If this setup looks very familiar to you, then you might have seen the first version of this race.

In 2007, Richard Hammond of Top Gear tried to race an RAF Eurofighter Typhoon with just a Bugatti Veyron. As expected, the Typhoon jet bested the Bugatti in that race as well.

You can check that video out down below.


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