A Day in Life of US $3.3 Billion Light Aircraft Carrier

A Day in Life of US $3.3 Billion Light Aircraft Carrier | Frontline Videos

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America’s Light Carrier

Amphibious assault ships like USS America are optimized to support current and future aircraft. 

However, these ships can only deploy aircraft with V/STOL capabilities. In fact, they primarily use the MV-22B Osprey for transport and AV-8B Harriers or F-35B Lightnings for aerial support. Meanwhile, about a thousand sailors are trusted to run the 844ft-long ship.

The LHA-6 is also designed to execute core areas of the Navy’s Maritime Defense Strategy. This includes the ability to forward deploy and remain on station for long periods of time, helping maintain strong relationships with nations worldwide. In addition, the ship also maintains maritime security against piracy, terrorism, and other illicit activities. 

In times of need, they can also prove the heavy airlift needed to deliver supplies to inaccessible areas.


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