A Tank With A Plow

A Tank With A Plow | Frontline Videos

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Plowing Mines

Have you ever looked at a huge piece of equipment and got dumbfounded about what purpose they serve? Well, some tanks will do that to you.

This weird-looking tank is an AEV 3 Kodiak with a mine-clearing plow attached to it. Kodiaks are used in a variety of ways on the battlefield, such as minefield breaching, route denials, dozing/digging, and erecting or demolishing obstacles.

If they look a bit familiar to you, then you might have recognized their Leopard 2 hulls. Surplus hulls were modified by removing the turret and installing new fixed superstructures, hydraulic mountings for the plow, and a new telescopic arm fitted with an excavator bucket. 

AEV 3s entered service in 2009 and were mostly used in the war in Afghanistan.


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