Gas Leak on a 767 During Flight

Gas Leak on a 767 During Flight | Frontline Videos

Reddit / u/phenakistiscope_


Quickly Fixed

This passenger was flying from Miami to Bolivia when they spotted some kind of liquid leaking from the 767’s wing. They thought the aircraft was just dumping fuel to decrease weight!

After two and a half hours of this, they finally told the stewardess to notify the pilot. Surprisingly, the leak was fixed after about 30 minutes. 

Here’s what a commenter had to say about this incident:

Since it went away it was either a pump, vent, or crossfeed leak, probably switching to a redundant system. There wouldn’t have been an emergency, almost all pilots regularly do fuel burn checks to verify consumption and remaining fuel match, and to verify the fuel remaining is sufficient to make it to the destination and alternative airport.

Whatever it is, it looks like it wasn’t that big of a deal. It’d still make your heart jump when you see it, though!


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