A-10 Quick Gun Run

A-10 Quick Gun Run | Frontline Videos

YouTube / npordan


Made Quick Work

The A-10 Thunderbolt is known for its capability to provide air support for ground troops. But what others may not realize is that this aircraft can also increase the morale of these soldiers.

As seen in the video, this group of soldiers was waiting for the A-10 to strafe a treeline which might have insurgents hiding nearby. Behind cover, the men were more than happy to take a quick break, look at the sky, and watch as the A-10 rain bullets from hundreds of feet above.

By the looks of it, no amount of cover would save someone from the devastation the Warthog brought in just a quick minute. They stood no chance at all.

The fact that you can see the impact seconds before the “BRRRRRT” is both scary and impressive. Just remember, if you hear it, then it wasn’t aimed at you!


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