Too Low Fighter Jet Causes Road Closure

Too Low Fighter Jet Causes Road Closure | Frontline Videos

YouTube / Frogfoot Media - Poland's Emergency Videos


Make Way For The Typhoon

This Eurofighter Typhoon with a WWII camo paint scheme was on its way to land at RAF Northolt Airbase, London when the police decided to close the road to give it a safer landing.

These landings aren’t usually the case in most airbases, but those close to the airport have seen these types of procedures happen in some instances.

According to one commenter, the airbase closes the road approximately 2 to 3 mins before every landing. The airport is used by many civilian aircraft and private jets, so they use warning lights to stop traffic.

Thanks to them, the Typhoon was able to safely do a very low landing approach before touching down at the runway. 


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