Aircraft Jet Turbine Engine Startup

Aircraft Jet Turbine Engine Startup | Frontline Videos

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Playing With Death

There aren’t a lot of things that can beat the excellent sound of a massive engine. So, of course, some people just had to record its sound up close – no matter how dangerous it gets.

It’s a good thing they were wearing ear protectors while being that up close with the engines. Still, the difference between being able to walk past the intake safely and being sucked into it is only about a few feet away.

This very powerful engine is a General Electric CF6-80 and is currently powering a cargo aircraft used for humanitarian relief efforts.

CF6-80s are high-bypass turbofan engines that can produce anywhere between 48,000 to 75,000 lbs of force. With those engines putting out that much power, you’d never see us that close during its startup, that’s for sure.


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