Jet engine startup of the Viper 11 MK22 Turbojet

Jet engine startup of the Viper 11 MK22 Turbojet | Frontline Videos

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Rare Viper 11 Turbojet Starts Up

Running a turbojet in a barn during winter sounds like a great time, doesn’t it? Minus the potential safety issues it might cause, of course.

Nevertheless, these guys at LiveLearnProjects did just that. They started up the engine, even with one guy close to the exhaust. 

According to the uploader, the fuel control was on that side of the jet, so they had to manually control that during startup.

This turbojet engine is the Armstrong Siddeley Viper, a British engine that entered service in 1953 and has remained in use with the RAF until 2011.

Production versions of the Viper 1  powered the basic jet trainers of the RAF, Italian Air Force, and many more.

Seeing an engine start up like this is rare, especially with an engine this obscure. Check it out below!


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