An Unexpected Chinook Sighting

An Unexpected Chinook Sighting | Frontline Videos

YouTube / That_transport_guy


Simply Amazing

Chinooks are perhaps one of the most beloved helicopters the US has ever made. As such, random sightings of the famous helicopter are always a great treat for any military aviation enthusiast.

This guy in particular saw an unexpected Chinook sighting on March 15th this year. The aircraft did several flybys, landed on a closed-off park (?), and took off again in just a span of a few minutes! 

We think the best part of the video was definitely at the 2-minute mark, where we could see (and loudly hear) the Chinook fly over the camera.

But as awesome as it is, that didn’t stop one user from making a joke that’s kind of true.

“There’s no such thing as an unexpected chinook, you can hear the things coming about 20 miles away”

No truer words have been said.


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