BE-4 Engine Burn Test

BE-4 Engine Burn Test | Frontline Videos

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Blue Origin’s Blue Engine 4 just performed its first full-duration burn last year. This engine can produce a total of 2.4 meganewtons or 550,000 lbf of thrust at sea level. Interestingly, the engine uses liquified natural gas – not kerosene – that allows for autogenous pressurization, eliminating the need for pressurization systems.

So far, the engine has run into a lot of problems during development – pushing it as far back as three years behind. The BE-4 was planned to fly sometime around 2019, but its first flight test is now scheduled to be in 2023 for the United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan Centaur rocket.

Furthermore, the BE 4 is also expected to be fitted into Blue Origin’s New Glenn launch vehicle. The 23-ft-diameter two-stage orbital launch vehicle expects to field seven of these engines.

The future’s looking mighty bright with these advancements in space aviation!


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