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A-10 Pilot Makes A Nasty, Whining Bank Over A Convoy

Warthog Songs | A-10 Pilot Makes A Nasty, Whining Bank Over A Convoy | Frontline Videos
Photo credit: combat_learjet

CAS At Its Finest.

There are a few things a grunt likes to hear more than the all familiar whine of A-10s jet engines. Actually, we take that back. When stuck in a bad spot, that whine can only be surpassed by the all too familiar "brrrrt" which makes everything alright.

Here, we stumbled on an Instagram account which has some pretty neat videos. Called combat_learjet, this guy curates some pretty fantastic videos both of military planes as well as commercial jetliners. Check it out, we recommend it.

The engines used on the A-10 are General Electrics TF34s. Equipped with two of those, they produce over 9,200 lbf.

In this video however, all you'll see is a speck in the distance that then becomes a full-fledged A-10; a sort of salute to the soldiers in the convoy. Although the video is quite short, it will really make your hair stand up on your neck. It did on ours.

That whine is just unmistakable.

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