3 Blue Angel Passes That Parted Water With Their Exhaust

3 Blue Angel Passes That Parted Water With Their Exhaust | Frontline Videos

gripen68 / YouTube


That Is Beyond Cool.

How’s that for excitement? Blue Angels flying so fast and so low that they parted water with their exhaust. How ridiculous is that? 

The only thing better, of course, would be to actually see it for yourself. Then there’s the smell of the jet fuel and the sound these guys make. Being on one of those boats would be the ultimate trip for many of us. 

All these passes were performed by Blue Angel #5, the Solo. 

As for the place, these flybys took place in San Francisco. We know, there is a lot of talk out there that these people don’t “deserve” to get such great shows, as many San Francisco residents have been pushing to ban them because of noise pollution and the fact that they scare dogs and the elderly. See the story here, it’s real.

The fact is however that for every dimwit that wants to ban them, there are great people like in this video. They take their boats out for the ultimate thrill and manage to get it on video so others can enjoy it too. 

Thanks, guys!


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