This Is The Best C-130 Tower Buzz Video We’ve Ever Seen

This Is The Best C-130 Tower Buzz Video We’ve Ever Seen | Frontline Videos



These Guys Weren’t Messing Around.

We know that the description of this video is quite a mouthful, but we stand behind it. This is in fact the best tower buzz done with a C-130 Hercules we’ve ever seen. Got a rebuttal? Put a better video in the comment section below and show us. We bet you can’t.

Now, we’ve seen some cool buzzes done by F/A-18 Hornets and A-10 Thunderbolt IIs, but never a transport. It’s a bit bigger to say the least, so the whole experience must be different. Especially when you have four props buzzing you.

A buzz like that would most likely not be able to ever happen in the United States because you know, the FAA, but from what we gather this took place in Uruguay. Different country, different rules. And don’t think that we’re not fans of the FAA. That’s totally not the case. They do after all, provide the safest aviation record in the whole world. 

What we’re saying however, is that once in a while we like to see some stuff that would be considered illegal here. And although we don’t know what the guy in the tower is saying, his intonation definitely sounds like he liked what he saw. 

So did we. 

“Negative Ghost rider the pattern is full” ———————————– #Repost @full_afterburner Sent to me by @jfcorreat C-130 Hercules – Uruguayan Air Force. ———————————————– #avpic #avgeek #avpics #avgeeks #aviation #crew #cockpit #flight #flying #instapilot #instaplane #instaviation #aviation #jet #justaviation #plane #planes #pilot #instaplane #spotter #airplane #crewlife #pilotlife #pilotview #instagramaviation #aircrew #airlines #flightdeck

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