Blue Angel’s Head On Pass From The Pilot’s View Looks Crazy

Blue Angel’s Head On Pass From The Pilot’s View Looks Crazy | Frontline Videos

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Well, They Are The Best Of The Best.

We’ve got to be honest here. We’ve seen a lot of Blue Angel clips in our days. From spectacular takeoffs to sneak passes, we’ve seen and shared with you the best clips we could find. 

We even shared cockpit videos that are available from Blue Angel # 7. Since that’s the two-seater which allows Key Influencers to sit in the back while filming allowing us to see some great pitching and rolling footage. Also, it’s pretty funny to see people pass out as well. That happens pretty often to civilians. 


What we’ve never seen however, is cockpit footage of one of the solos which is exactly what we found here. Not only that, this short clip shows the part of the show when the two solos go virtually straight at each other, turning land breaking at the very last second.

Check out that clip and notice when he pulls on his stick. Sure, they’re some feet apart but when you’re going over 300 or 400 knots, that dot you see in front of you becomes a full plane in just seconds. 

These guys are insane, but we love them. 

Vertical pitch in Baltimore! #solos #56 #blueangels

A video posted by Ryan Chamberlain (@chamberlain41) on Oct 15, 2016 at 2:19pm PDT


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